Emily Homecoming Act 2 Version 1.04 by Palmer and BBBen

Game is a continuation of emily sister attraction
This part of the game takes place on board an airplane after the player leaves Paris and heads toward home to meet up with Emily again. It’s supposed to feel like sort of a mini-game and serves as sort of a break from the main story line.
First a heads up: Do not waste time in the apartment at the beginning of the game. There are certain things you need to do there to advance, but the main story takes place on the airplane – not the apartment. Also, there are cases in this act where the “wait” command is useful. The simplest way to execute this command is to type z and hit enter. Certain things will not take place until a certain time has passed (just like in real life), so it’s good to know about.
You need to flag the file as safe in your anti virus software in order to play it. This is a well known problem with Adrift 5 exes.

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