Kinetic Chronicle 0.33 by Milkysofts

Main fetish of the game will be Yuri,and Monster.
We focus to only these two, no man or manlike creature allow in the this game, just girls having fun together, and monster like slime, tentacle, or harpy. Well, except Fabric Fatalis, who is Feley’s father, but anyways he will not rape his own daughter for sure.
Story is about the strange phenomena called "White Wave" that causing destruction all over the world, and a 19 years old treasure hunter Felesia Fatalis,
who try to find a legendary treasure to stop it.
She fellow the diary of her missing father and travel to the land no one ever been before. There she encounter many things she never imagine exist, an underground ruin guardian who so innocent and know nothing about the surface, an aqua spirit who got two personality ,and a society of tentacle monsters, as well as the secret of her father, the treasure she looking for, and the white wave, that slowly review through her journey.

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