Perverted Education by AprilRyan Version 0.7901

About this game:
Perverted Education is erotic game where main character starts as an immature male of indeterminate (but legal) age, and is slowly corrupted on three sides by his Teacher, Therapist and Guardian (you can choose your mother, or a family friend).
Major change is refactoring PE into a Tweego base, which was proposed and started by Bobbob and finished by me. It took some time, but there are numerous advantages to it:

– Switching to newer versions won’t require Export/Import.

– Source form is much much easier to read and work with, which is important due to bringing more contributors

– Game structure is much easier to organize and allows several people to work on different parts of the game without interfering each others.

Other code and gameplay changes include:

– The Club basic content is added. Only thing to add is unfinished VIP zone and highly variable set of scenes for dancing and some other activities.

– Traveling between locations was optimized, with some improvements in UI.

– Numerous bugs were fixed (along with longstanding problem with Teacher punishments)

– A lot of code optimization (body mods using variables instead of items and so on). Not so visible to players, but still necessary to keep code readable.

– Sleep passage rework, making it less annoying. Also rework would allow to have interactive dreams, allowing player to choose actions during dream sequence.

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