Simply Mindy Version 3.6.0 by sexums

This build is not QUITE so crazy as the last, and is, in fact, quite straightforward. Aside from fixes, it features two new things:

– One additional animation for each job in Finale Mode, which means twelve new animations there; and

– One new animation for each schooling class thing in Finale Mode. Previously it just rehashed old animations.

A short list, yes, but that means there are a whopping nineteen new animations in this build. And as long as you’ve got Finale Mode unlocked, it’s all available right from the get-go. Granted, all of them feature Shades, but they also feature Mindy and / or one of the other girls getting nailed, so… don’t complain. Just don’t.

That’s that. Build below, assuming you aren’t interested in the technical stuff.

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