Tails Of Azeroth Version 1.01 by Auril

Platform: Windows 64 bit
updated 4/17
Tails of Azeroth is an episodic erotic fantasy game that features locations and famous heroes/heroines from its hugely popular MMORPG inspirer, but also an original story and wide range of characters. Most of the familiar races are represented in the game and, in addition to plain old vanilla sex, it caters to many fetishes.

The game is based on the Unreal Engine 4 that offers beautiful, well optimized graphics and a responsive, easy-to-pick-up gameplay for anyone familiar with modern third and first person games.
pdated: v1.01

Fixed book in Trial#3
Fixed stupid horse, that crash the game
Fixed Alori twin in Dream#2
Fixed black screen after load game
Fixed Alori invisible model in some scenes, if we say "NO" Kalecgos in Dream#2
Fixed VDS setting, I just blocked it on 100%, now you can’t see objects trough landscape.

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