Tales of Androgyny – Version 0.2.04 by Majalis

New features:
– Implemented drunkenness
– A few encounters can make you drunk
– Time till sobriety depends on how drunk you get
– Lowered perception while drunk
– Can choose "Slut" options while drunk even when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to
– Some encounters will be different when drunk
– Added arrows for navigating extra techniques if there are many available in combat
– Foraging now occurs automatically on starvation
– Wearing a mouthgag increases enemy’s oral-centric lust
– Ranged combat enhancement
– Centaur now fights at range as expected
– Centaur can withdraw from player to get into range
– Can now upgrade equipment with magic crystals
– Sounds for events now play on battle screen
– Sound plays on level up
– Sound plays during fellatio
– Added QuickSave (F5) and QuickLoad (F8) buttons on desktop
– Added the ability to start on the second map as a starting bonus
– Unlocking an achievement now pops up on the encounter display
New content:
– Tavern drunk encounter
– Can now drink at the tavern to increase willpower (liquid will)
– Can speak with patrons at the tavern
– If you get tipsy, someone may hit on you
– Added Tavern gangbang art
– Added a bunch of new music tracks
– Added Vampire encounter
– Added two new vampiric characters
– Added a Vampire Hunter questline
– Added Angel facesitting art
– Added new slutty/non-slutty branches to various encounters
– Werewolf
– Goblin
– Brigand
– Dryad
– Orc
– Witch codpiece suggestion scene
– Added Futa Ogre "smashing" CG art
– Made some improvements to the Dryad art
– Added new Brothel Girlfriend Experience scene
– New Hiro-focused CG art
– Hiro anal POV CG, present in a bunch of encounters
– Hiro oral POV CG, present in several encounters, notably the brothel oral sex scenes
– Added Harpy Butt Hold art
– Added Hiro animation (currently only appears in the Doppelganger encounter when playing as Enchantress)
– Added a new scene for acquiring cursed armor
– Added outpost at the end of the second map
– Has a new merchant
– Sentient equipment can be found here
– Added a chastity cage that improves magic
– Added meat merchant
– New foraging possibilities
– Added Centaur battle music
– Added Orc battle music
– Added Dryad encounter music
– Added Gadgeteer music
– Added Drow Beastmistress encounter music
– Added Harpy battle music
– Added Goblin battle music
– Added Ogre battle music
– Added Kylira encounter music
– Added Trudy encounter music
– Added Ghost battle music
– Added new spooky music
– Added new horror music
– Added Harpy music
– Added Mermaid battle music
– Added Orc encounter music
– Added Warlock encounter/battle music
– Added Naga encounter/battle music
– Added Arena music
Tweaks and bug fixes:
– Moved and altered Surrender button in combat
– Fixed cutpurse HP glitch
– Fixed perk selection display
– Fixed ogre pronouns
– Re-added bunny anal
– Made some tweaks to ogre encounter
– Blocking an arrow no longer damages shields
– Moved text on Game Mode select screen
– Increased size of checkboxes
– Fixed bug with town portal scroll
– Adjusted some core combat abilities for game balance
– Power Attack has been renamed Crushing Blow and returns you to balanced stance, deals reduced damage, but deals tremendous damage against downed opponents
– Tempo Attack and Low Attack deal reduced damage and cost more
– Text fixes

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