AgileElephant – The Void Club – Version 0.2 Demo


An evolving game that can always be updated with characters from popular series and have episodic releases of new sexy content. As more is added to the game, you’ll have more to do and more progression. Each activity will be replayable and can be played with any character and select costumes for each. Then, there’s the episodes. Different series will follow different characters and have a few sex scenes each, and each one is a self-contained level.

"The Void Club" is a mix of visual novel and board game gameplay. Each level will have its own rules and gameplay. Some might have boards, some won’t, like the first level here in our demo. This demo consists of one level with the majority of art already in it. This is less of a focus on text, more on images and gameplay. The writing is quick to make replaying levels faster(potentially).

New Episode 1 Level Design

Striptease Activity

Blowjob Activity

Lara Croft and Yennefer Added

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