AiD – Lust City [Version v.0.3+] (2018) Update


GG is a pervert, a blackmailer and an intriguer. He is also a teacher at the university, and very pleased with his life.

However, unexpectedly with him an event takes place, cardinally changing his life.

A small fix is ​​returning the cheat button to the main character’s bedroom. Similarly, if someone does not vkurse or notice the ad, the cheats are now available at all subscription levels.

Installation – upload the contents of the archive to the game folder, confirm the replacement.

There are no special changes except for the completion of the Tanishi Simmons story line. I do not list the edits and fixes. Slightly changed the interface here and there, in small things. That’s all.

But, unfortunately, even Tanisha is not "complete" yet. Unlocked scenes with it yet, and as they pass only 2 – one in the video format, the other is gif.

A separate Achtung, comrades. There is a lot of mat in the plot of Tanka. Particularly sensitive please forgive.

The day after tomorrow, I go on holiday, and will work hard on the toy, So version 0.5 (or this 0.4) will be more dense than its predecessors.

By and large, this update carries only the goal of a "light snack". A kind of aperitif. The story of Tanisi is finished, but still too raw, so everything from the text to the pictures will be fixed / changed / corrected … and then completely replaced by a clean one. I ask you not to focus on the possible spelling mistakes, or semantic, or, perhaps in some places, clumsy neotesan text. To exit 0.5, all this will be rewritten ten times and converted 10 times. Once again, I apologize for such a "brake" in the development. There were many unpleasant, inhibiting circumstances, of which I have repeatedly written.

P.S. Starting with this update, access to the cheats opens for 1 $ of cartridges. It is made exclusively for personal, selfish purposes, such as: saving time, convenience in work, ergonomics on the desktop, etc., etc. So, all dear $ 5 cartridges, if you do not care about voting and thumbnails – you can safely jump for $ 1 rate, because the game itself will be the same now as at $ 5.

PPS. Since I did not manage to make the design of Tanisha in "heart" with clues, or in the common people – the local quest magazine, this passage is accompanied by passage for all comers. (All the same, I’m quite likely to exit 0.5 another 10 times to rewrite the plot)


My first game. Tired of visual novels, where you fall asleep clicking the mouse until you reach the piece of content, performed in the maximum parody of animation, from a couple of pictures. I tried to do something that reminds me of the gameplay. The game will be cyclical, a small grind, without fanaticism. Enough with me one BB, where the hour had to farm for another hidden camera.

Estesstvenno, the version is very early, just finished 0.1. But in the future, tons of content, options, opportunities, options, mini-games, etc., etc. are planned. It seems like it polished everything that you can, but if you suddenly jump out a mistake – press "ignore" and you will be happy

Almost every interactive object will be associated with a large amount of content. Inspired by the creation of such games as Urban Demons and Hentai High School. What happened at the output – it is not yet clear, although I see what will happen in the future: D

Ideas and zadumok pile, it remains only to find time to add all this bouquet. Delay development for decades, as the current igrodel like – I’m not going to.

All the same, I began to make this toy not for profit. I just like it)

Skip Intro added

Veronika questline

further Rei questline

setup .3 questline for anna

introduced code for gallery… not implemented yet

2 new items in market

fixed .1 save issues

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