Beornwahl and Co – Adam and Gaia [v.1.7.1] (2018) (Eng) [HTML]

In the ancient age of myth and legend, a horrid war between the two, Man and Elves, led to the near, the annihilation of all sapient life by the dreaded Curse. Now the lonesome goddess. Gaia awakens her last champion in hopes of resurrecting the world. Play as her chosen one, and choose which races survives by repopulation. Encounter multiple stories from ancient history and different creation myths, while rebuilding a society and discovering the truth behind the Curse.

Presenting the Big Build Update!

A whole month! The new update contains more build options for human villages and monster homes. Now monster can be expanded and the bovine and bee-girl have special buildings. The Human Villages have each gotten a new special building, which all contain new scenes. A group sex option has been added to the tent, and the sphinx has her own sex scene. The final additions, which was more troublesome than I wish to admit, add the generation and maternal tracking to the human girls, allowing you to see who birthed them and how far down the line from you they are. Enjoy, lads! But expect bugs!

Fuck it, with unheard of speed, also presenting: Que Sera Sarai!

Meet Sarai, created by old testament stories, and all her possible children, which will bring the glow of mature women to the game! After all, folks in the old testament all lived up to 100 years, the full potential given by the crystals of Gaia would naturally be in their thirties-fourties! Plus other new fetures. Yeai!

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