Brightsunstudios – Their Beautiful World [Version 0.1.1] (2018) (Eng) Update

Their Beautiful World is the second ongoing visual novel I’m working on. It’s a bit different from Blooming Love though.

It takes place in the fantasy world and thus heavily features magic, elves and all those kinds of fun things. The world and characters are the most beautiful of all. So if you enjoy those, hopefully you’ll enjoy this too.

In the game you’ll play as a Siren, someone with the magical ability to make people believe whatever she wants. Being a magic user does not come without its risks. You are tasked by the guards of the capital, Cinderval, to find out what happened to several men who have disappeared in the city recently. Along with a friend of yours, Raehen, you will soon discover that the case.

The main story though. There are plenty of side activities. Explore the city, collect Qaza cards and try you out in the middle of the day.

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