BSH_Gaming – Version 0.40 [v.0.2.5] (2018) (Eng) Update

They say "everything happens for a reason." What if there is no explanation or reason that you could find? What if you did not know why or what things were happening– were happening? What if you liked it? What if everything went your way ‘? You wake up one day, and a mysterious voice calls to you. This is the beginning of something grand; This is where your life changes

-Week 3 added.

-Gallery added with button on screen.

-Bios button on screen.

-Switched to Latest version of Ren’py 7.0.0

-Delayed text removed.

-Old saves work, although you need to roll back to when you first go to the otherworld.

-Endings added for all 5 girls.

-You must start from the beginning to unlock gallery images.

-Added option to change Ma to something else (i.e. Mom, Mammy, Mum, Landlady… etc.)

-Added MC name default, hit enter if you do NOT want to choose a name.

-Added Ma name default, hit enter if you do NOT want to choose what to call her.

-Fixed an issue where character wasn’t shown at outdoor jacks (toilets).

-Fixed sounds.

-Fixed typos.

-Coding improvements.

-Day 7 of week 1 completed.

-Week 2 added.

-Music player added to top left. (click to open, and stop or play music)

-Bio menu added – get to know the girls.

-Music added.

-Custon cursor

-creepy mouth movement removed.

-Changed all backgrounds to jpg to save space.

Known Issues:

-Old save games do not work.

-Now using Ren’Py

-All Images updated

-Story added

-More content added

-Differs heavily from the previous versions

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