BurningSun – Life Choices [v.0.8.3 Full] (2017) (Eng)

If briefly it is HTML – analogue of "IT", "Surced" and other textual images with pictures. A simple, small toy, with a small number of dialogues and continuous rand – events.

You’ve lived all your life in a small village. Liverpool and Manchester were full of dangers. But a week after you turned 17 you got parents got divorced and you were forced to choose who to live with. There was no right or wrong choice, that was if you were cheating on the other parent. So that is the start and Lizzy ends up in Amsterdam. Will she be able to not fall into the dangerous downward spiral of drugs, sex, prostitution and the like? It is up to you.

– A new store has opened for business at the mall; Superdry Sports is there for all your sporting equipment needs. (some sporting items have been moved from other stores to this store)

– Increased starting money on all difficulty levels slightly.

– You can now practice Yoga in the park, provided you have the right gear. They say Yoga is good for the body and soul, don’t they? (Mainly added to provide additional options to reduce ‘negative’ stats. No smut.)

– Added 1 additional small random fluff event in the park.

– Using the bus has been revamped. You now not only travel with the bus towards your destination, but also back home again. ‘Bus-work’ has been ‘upgraded’ and now also uses the condom check better.

– Added several new small events to the bus to ‘brighten’ up Lizzy’s bus trips.

– Entry to the club has become a little easier. Now ‘only’ 35 looks are needed (was 50).

– A Loan shark has opened its doors for anyone in dire need of money. Can only be visited after Lizzy receives a flyer in ‘de Bijlmer’ or finds the flyer on the message board. Be careful Lizzy! (Don’t expect it to be unlocked at the start of a new game btw)

– Changed the appearance of the message board slightly to be more visual and less textual.

– Autosave function has been added. It will automatically save the game at the start of every day.

– Number of save-slots has been increased to a total of 20! – ty Maxine_D & newport_georgeg

– I’ve split the Version & To Do list into 2 different passages and removed the To-Do part from the actual game. It helps me to keep things tidy. I’ve also changed the links in the main menu to show up as a nice button and in a nice Pop-Up menu so they no longer can interfere with the story. – ty greyelf for helping me get the popup into a button!

– Cocktail dresses and Boots are now also allowed into the club. So, a dress with either pumps or boots is ok, or a cocktail dress with pumps is ok – ty newport_georgeg

– Save games of version older than likely not to function correctly.

– Opened 2 events in the shower that were in the game but not available yet. DUH!

– Added an install instruction.txt file with links to the main website & screenie of folder setup.

– Added another ending to the game (big one!) with 2 different outcomes ((semi)good & bad). There are now 9 endings (some with different outcomes) in total.

– You can now enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in the cafe at the mall. – ty newport_georgeg

– Added a possible solution to minimize the slow down at a later stage in the game (Bug testers commented that slow down seems to be non-existent on new games. Possible that old games are still slow). Removed all visited coding as a result of this and implemented new code. I’ve tried to implement ways to make sure save games would still work. Fingers crossed (Bug testers all commented that save games work).

__Pre-release ‘Testing-phase’ fixes__

– Several distinct spelling errors fixed. – ty 9who3

– The media for ending 9 & the flyers on the message board now also added to the additional data file. – ty 9who3 & Maxine_D

– Getting the flyer in town now has a proper link so you won’t be stuck on the event. – ty 9who3

– Removed some test elements from Henry encounter & the club. – ty bloodway & Maxine_D

– Removed the back button at the bottom of this list. – ty bloodway

– Fixed an issue causing an error with one of the bus ‘work’ events. – ty bloodway & Maxine_D

– Fixed an issue with BaseLooks not working properly when buying several pieces of lingerie. – ty bloodway

– Renamed one of the new webm’s related to the new event. – ty 9who3

– Fixed the actual number of days you have to pay your loan back and lowered it to 21 days. – ty 9who3, bloodway & Maxine_D

– Fixed a mathematical bug resulting in cash being displayed with cents with the LoanShark. – ty jerro

– Fixed an issue where playing with yourself in the shower would not show correctly in the statistics. – ty Maxine_D

– Fixed an issue when working on the bus showing inconsistent text. – ty Maxine_D

– Hopefully fixed issue where travelling home with bus would make you end up back at starting place and not home – ty Maxine_D

– When quitting your job by phone, you should no longer have the option to still go to work and get a dead end. – ty Maxine_D

– Fixed a case of increasing the number of clients in the street whereas you actually picked them up in the park. – ty Maxine_D

__Other bugfixes:__

– When getting suntan lotion applied by a male while being topless now shows correct pictures. – ty Maxine_D & newport_georgeg

– Pictures of Bra, panties and Lingerie set now properly show in the inventory. – ty jimmybob

– Corrected some old instances still mentioning Hygene and not Hygiene. – ty newport_georgeg

– Fixed some requirements typos when progressed into the Fashion job far enough; Requirement code vs Requirement text did not match. – ty newport_georgeg

– Fixed negative number of days when reaching your birthday date in the character page. – ty cniht

– Fixed a small typo preventing the increase in your relationship with Henry while doing the small chores. – ty Thereisnospoon

– Lizzy now drops of Marieke and not her twin sister Lizzy during the Flower shop job career. – ty Wokthrower

– Fixed the ‘black-no-options-screen’ in the club. – ty tom_cat

– Small logical error during one of the beach encounters fixed. – ty Mdy

– Link in henry encounter: Hug1 & Hug2.webm is fixed – ty Maxine_D & laladon

– One more Spa-shower-home-teleportation-device exterminated. – ty Maxine_D

– Fixed a typo resulting a wrong vid being called in a Henry encounter. – ty newport_georgeg

– Added missing vids in the gym personal training encounter. – ty newport_georgeg

– Fixed an issue where showering naked at the beach would not show any media. – ty newport_georgeg

– Fixed a typo resulting in an error when in the pool and with the Desire stat high enough to trigger event. – ty newport_georgeg

– Fixed Health clinic addiction removal costs mismatch – ty newport_georgeg

– Fixed small coding error in club related to drunkenness on a particular day – ty newport_georgeg

– Added missing webm for a specific desire event at the pool & in the shower- ty Maxine_D

– Small typo in the shower that indicated that a man was showering with lots of women, now fixed! – ty Maxine_D

– Fixed an error resulting servicing men in the park/city by hand to be added to Beach-client-pool. – ty Maxine_D

– Fixed some description errors when working on the beach in the nude. (Hope I found them all) – ty Maxine_D

– Fixed an issue with Looks-Base after accepting the drink in the club and waking up the next morning. – ty 9who3

– Small typo fixed at start of the game – ty Anita

– Fixed some cases of ‘performing’ for Henry not being counted as experience.

– Lots of other small fixes

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