Dopegames – Dope’s Lustful Adventures [Version] Update

Lust. It can consume you, devouring your soul as it corrupts you and those around you. Leading you on a journey of debauchery and immorality so perverse that “lust” has been labeled one of the seven deadly “sins.” But what is lust? Is it really that bad? Are the other six “sins” truly so bad as well? Find out as you take control of Dope as he becomes the champion of lust, where he is thrust into a plot in which the survival of the human species rests with his sack.​

Added first sex battle. Available through Emerald’s questline. (Includes 30 or so renders)

Added perks to the game. Just the basic setup, no perk implementation yet. Layout needs a bit of tweaking as well. Perks probably won’t change, if anything, more will be added. Available after meeting Lust.

Polished battle escape tactics. When you run from enemies in the maze you can’t be attacked for 5 or so seconds. I may create a perk that allows escape to stun the mob as well. We’ll see.

Added/updated various bgm’s.

Fixed lots of bugs. Maybe created more. They procreate…

Updated Blaze’s home UI. Blaze now shows up around home no matter if she’s in the party or not. (It’s really fixed, I promise!) She now also moves on with her life when you sleep/nap. It’s a good way to force her to gtfo of the bathroom… women.

Added new enemy and boss AI.

Implemented various plugins for enemies. Some will now chase the player.

Added new, optional, vendor.

Added new drop/currency system to accompany new vendor. (Kill monster, get drops, buy stuffs *Right now it also asks for g but it won’t in the future*)

Added new spells and edited a few older ones. New dual techs and combo bonuses.

Added new weapons/armors.

Changed/updated weapon stats to add variability and distinction between weapon types. Daggers/Dildos are the fastest weapons, have +hit chance, and have a chance to hit the target twice. Swords/Dildoblades are slower than daggers but do more damage, have + crit chance, and have a chance to daze (lower attack) the target. Whips are slower than swords but a little stronger than dildo’s, have a higher +crit than dildo blades, and have a chance to paralyze the target. Crops are the same speed as swords, equal in strength to daggers, and have a chance to interrupt the target. Dildostaves don’t have any bonus to speed, are a little stronger than daggers, have the highest +hit and have a chance to counterattack physical attacks. I plan to add maces/paddles as well and details are subject to change.

I fixed bugs, numerous ones at the Hefna mansion.

I implemented an autosave feature. Autosave takes up slot one and will save on screen transition.

I added/modified dialogue for Dope/his family and Emerald. If you’ve already talked to Terra and gone to the Hefna mansion you’ve missed it.

Added more renders for Blaze’s shower scene. (Not in public version yet)

Added more functionality to the stalker events.

Fixed bug with first Boss causing game progression to be blocked.

“Fixed” bug in upstairs hallway of Dope’s house that repeated dialogue.

Added “The Stalker”. Now appears in game.

Added the Zeal Preparatory Academy & Estate to the game. (2 maps)

Main grounds.

Headmaster’s office.

Updated 1st main quest finish (museum quest), introduced 2-3 new characters, and set up functionality of “The Stalker” event.

Updated dialogue during the Lust meeting and added another question to ask her.

Fixed various bugs/glitches.

Added the second floor (2 maps) to the Dojo.

Added greenhouse interior (9 maps).

Emerald’s quest updated.

Set students for Defense class.

Base dialogue for Defense class students.

Fixed class randomizer.

Dope Shop Greenhouse exterior mapped.

Chronic Tower (Dope’s family business headquarters) interior mapped.

Chronic Tower, Top Floor mapped.

Chronic Tower, Mom’s Office mapped.

Added 6 new NPCs.

Added chat, hugging, kissing, showing, and touching renders for Blaze.

Added all available scenes to the album.

Reworked Emerald’s character introduction. (Party at Hefna Mansion) Added 13 renders for Emerald.

Added intro for Emerald’s first quest.

Updated Emerald’s character info in game.

Added chat interactions for Mary Jane at work and home.

Updated Mary Jane’s character info in game.

Added new /edited some old starting classes and abilities

Starting after some initial main quests the Party no longer follows the player around at home and other key locations.*

Added intro dialogue to home events for Blaze.*

Added Yanfly Event Encounter Aid plugin.*

Tweaked/added variables for the day system.

Added partial continuation of Lust’s questline. Talk to the succubus in the forest before the entrance to the Temple of Lust, after meeting Lust, to continue the quest, which is still in progress. Text heavy.

Updated credits.

Added students to Fitness class.

Tweaked the Fitness practical.

Temporarily closed off the Defense class until the next update.

Fixed a few minor bugs.

*Note, if you start a new game the starting dialogue in Dope’s room still says v.0.10.

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