DrunknesCafe – New Paths [Beta 0.03b] Update

We follow the female protagonist and her choice to move away from the Mountain Village to the capital. She at this point has a job as a waitress/bartender at the local bar. Where the male customers not always are the nicest.​


bigfixes of some sort??


Bug fixes:

· This update should fix “Missing face image” in dialog.

· Uncaught TypeError: "Cannot read property "width" of null"

· Ram issue (using 100 % of ram)

· Game frees when entering different maps.

· “C button” showing wrong menu (Esc menu)

· Character start to move after the scene have ended.

· Some of the MAC problems.

New content:

· Food make system. The player can now make food to herself. It will be a little box next to the player sleeping room where there will be a cooking book for dose that have an old save. The player can now make every food type in game. (This will change later in game) and I will add a cooking time for every dish (action with the cooking) later on. And prices for the cooking ingredients need to be balance with time.

There will be some images that have the “New blue dress” so don’t report dose.

So, I need all of you to bug test the game. Try different ways to break it. And report bugs on the discord server


· Have removed all of the Type Gold in game. And the GUI now have a money icon to show how much money the player has at all time now. Old save will work but you will have 0 Money from the old save.

When starting a new game. The skip intro now will start the game after talking to mother and father.

Game changes:

· Think about different sex option will now be needed to play event with Brian. Hand job/blowjob.

· Added new line of text when loading a new game. “Remember the C key”

· Hand job/blowjob will now give stats to the event.

· Change all of Suzie (Talk images) new images got a better zoom on her face to show what expression she has.

· Added for all Relation NPC a talk to option for 1 hour that will give Relationship stats.

· Umbrella can be used when the player want to now. C Key.

· Balance all item. (Price)

· Reworked The change cloth with brother in room to fix the crash bug.

· Added “Masturbate in bed before sleep” Need to have on Nightgown.

· Continue the story for Miss Mary.

· Short Perry event.

· Masturbate with dildo scene added.

· Carnival event now trigger.

· And a little special scene, that can go both ways.

Work payouts

· Kindergarten 10

· Waste collector 40

· Lifeguard 70

Training course

· Lifeguard 50

Item cost. New prices.

· Bus 2

· Train 5

· Snacks 2

· Sandwich 5

· Sandwich with drink 10

· Adult magazine 5

· Porn magazine 10

· Basic swimsuit 20

· Bikini 40

· Life guard uniform 30

· Umbrella 2

· Makeup kit 5/10/20/30

· wet wipes 2

· Hair brush 2

· Razor 3

· Toothbrush 2

· Bicycle 50

· Towel 1

· Beer 3

· A glass of wine. 5

· Yoga mat 4

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