Girlshostel – Girls Hostel: Elisa in Trouble [Version 0.3.0] (2018) (Eng) Update

You have to play for the girl Eliza, who is not at the simplest moment of her life.

Her parents were in a car accident, and now she is in credit for the hospital and her parents.

At your disposal wanted, which takes only girls to himself.

You need to monitor the state wanted to come new requests, because the new tenants – it’s your income! But you can also work if you have the strength, of course. The work can be different, and to work with men, you will need to raise the level of your lust! But, you can live in an honest way.

In what way will you help her pay the debt?

In the demo there is no possibility to be saved.

Girls Hostel: Elisa in Trouble – this is a game in which we help a cute girl get out of the financial crisis.

This is more of an economic game, but you will need to monitor the status of the main character – Elisa.

At your disposal is a girl. You can try to get out of the crisis honestly and cleanly, or you can be more dirty by selling your (Elisa) body and those who live in her hostel.

– add a masturbation scene; (done)

– add a scene in the shower; (done)

– add a masturbation scene in the shower; (done)

– add character icons on the map of the house; (done)

– redraw icons (optimally); (done)

– adding interaction with residents; (done)

– acceleration of start / load game; (done)

– change the way of storing dialogs (program part); (done)

"If you can not run the game, then you can just install it from the link…ads-2133155.html and run via gh-demo.jar "

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