Gobbosoft – Monolighter (2018) (Eng) Version 0.09c Update

MONOLIGHTER is an Adult Cyberpunk Sidescroller placing the player in the shoes of an investigative journalist hired to take photos of illicit activities in his neighborhood.


· Certain new CGs not rendering properly in gallery fixed

· New Pear & Delphie CG properly added to inventory


· Saved spawn points now properly clear when clearing save data

· Levels whose spawn points change mid-level now have this information saved on savegame too

· Push up mimi (candy shoppe smol girl) up some pixels

· Fix sprite for speaker bot in D10

· remove two walls near the right side of zone 1 (mall)

· fix bug where reloading save game from the inside of a multi-floored building doesn’t leave you on the wrong floor of that building

· fix parallax scroll bg cutoff in zone 2 (shipyard)

· lenny now gives a reason for not wanting to return to shipyard just yet (after z2 escape)

· fix issue where interrupted door entry disables jumping

· fix bug where brothel stairs keep teleporting you

· fix all of the numerous issues with Rose’s zone 1 dialog…

– she immediately accepts your press pass if you already have it and it’s the first time talking to her

– she no longer reverts to dialog from older builds

· Change Pear name to Jam

· Fix Delphine and Jam munged dialog

· Fix hotel elevator floor bugs

· Trash-Chan ‘s object permanence has been reinstated – she can no longer be in two zones at once

· Game save in "quantum" hotel rooms no longer leaves you in a black void on load

· Update unity version to 2018

· lower difficulty on shipyard escape

· Total CG Collection from multiple playthroughs is now saved (starting new game will no longer erase gallery)

· 14 (FOURTEEN) new CGs

· 1 new area

· a ton of new dialog and some new sidequests added

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