Hosgame – High School Of Succubus [Version 1.9] (2018) (Eng) Update

You are the succubus and you have the task to corrupt your goal. The start of the game. Our game is not a typical visual novel, so you will need to manage time, work, study and obviously corrupt. We have the clothing system, shops, and corruption based events and some of them have animations.

(what the Patreon page says)

– Gloryhole for two (triggers on the lectures)

– Succubus detention

– Viki’s naughty hobby

– Succubus lectures

– Succubus swap (patron suggested event)

– Trying out some public stuff (Lectures and then at work)

– Event with Brenda (she will call you,corruption 160+, after institute)

– Peeping into classroom (after institute)

– John will make a move (no bra, in café)

– Girls will have a party (call ash)

For patron update we have 4 new events.

(Little tips) Visit sexshop and after event with Ash don’t forget to visit work without bra.

– Visit sex shop and buy a toy

– Visit café with no bra

– Random event with Brenda after PE

– Ash and Kelly sunbathing topless

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