Ianvs – Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist (Patient) [Version 1.0.1] (2018) (Eng) Update

The story is pretty bare bones at the moment and development has only been underway for about two weeks.

But the updates are on every fair day.

This release contains the “remastered” pool scene as well as the first encounter with your wife, Emily. Both sequences have been extended and rendered using all of our new tools and techniques.

The dialogue is expanded and choices a bit more complex, both of which should lead to a richer story beyond here.

-Added second scene for Lupita.

In this build we introduce Emily, Roger’s wife. With the beginning of Emily’s story we’ve concluded the character introductions. Forward from here, every new release will be an expansion on an existing character’s plot line. It’s a milestone we are excited to cross and we look forward to rising high on the foundation we’ve laid thus far.

From here we will begin cycling through all of the characters on a regular cadence. Our next two installments will be the ongoing plot-line between Cassie’s friends, Jane and Amanda, so stay tuned.

In this update, we introduce Lupita, the housekeeper, and begin our continuation of the Cassie storyline.

Character Bio


Lupita has never been afraid of hard work. In fact, she can’t remember a time in her life she hasn’t had to work multiple jobs just to make all of the ends meet. As a single mother she is doing everything she can to make sure that her son gets the education and opportunities he will need to succeed. Opportunities that she as a poor Bolivian village girl never had. Her youth was spent working among the fields in the harsh South American sun. But even then, she always knew she would endure.

When she met her ex-husband he was a man full of vision and promises. He brought her America. The land of opportunity. Gave her a son. Soon after he was arrested for double homicide and given two life sentences leaving her to fend for herself and her son. But she endured. She refused to do anything but.

Lupita is headstrong and will do anything to provide for her family. She remembers as a little girl, her grandmother telling her, “Lupita. You find a strong man, a man who provides. Provide for him, and he will provide for you.” She has never forgotten that advice. As she got older, her idea of what it meant to provide for a man had changed, but the meaning of the lesson did not. So she has been biding her time, watching for that man who will provide for her and her son. When she thinks she’s found him, she will provide for him in all of the best ways she knows how.

It’s true she’s willing to do anything for the prosperity of her son. But when your life has been nothing but hardship, a kind word goes a long way. A touching gesture, a word of sympathy, none of it goes unnoticed. The generosity of others is something she rarely experiences. But when she does, her faith in humanity is restored. In her experience, kind and generous people are exceptionally rare. But if another man ever showed real interest in the well being of her and her son, she would go to the ends of the world to demonstrate her gratitude.

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