LustCloud – Monarh: The Rebirth [Version 0.0.6a] Update

Censorship: No

Version 0.0.6a



Genre: Transformation, Futa Protagonist, Lesbian, Futa on Female , Futa on Lamia , Futa on Centaur, Futa on Slime Girl, Threesome ,Straight Sex

You play as Cham, a man recently transformed into a futa due to an attack by a unkown enemy. During your travels you will recruit many allies, including a few sexy monstergirls and even come to find out all is not as it seems as you travel for answers, revenge and the chance to fuck anything with a pussy

The last two months i’ve spent a majority of time trying to reduce file size and fix errors, as a result the game so far has been made to play much smoother and as intended as well as being under half the actual size

Fixed error where if you chose to kill bad kitty it would still appear in the Jensons home

Fixed the glitch that would allow you to leave you home before finishing the first quest and getting dressed

Fixed several name box errors

Added the new quest The Alchemical Dilemma, when completed the alchemist opens up as a new vendor for potions

Fixed the bridges on Mount Paraphilia, I apologize in advance that they don’t look as decent as previously but the Plug-In I was using is no longer up to date

Added the quests: A Requested Escort, and A Sailors Lament wich include a new eroitc scene

you can no longer get stuck trying to close the hole in Kassy’s basement

you will no longer be able to get stuck in richards house

fixed crashing glitch after leaving the heroes house with Kassy

Added quest location to descriptions

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