MBFgames – Mother’s Best Friend [v0.11Bugfix] (2017) Update

Mother’s Best Friend = this is a modern erotic simulator quest for non-standard family relationships. With the involvement of moms, dads, sisters, lovers of these mothers and dads, plumbers, electricians and so on! We will play for a young man, selfish, slightly rude and ready to sacrifice much to achieve his sexual goals, experiencing the development of his sexual life. And of course, facing all the problems of choosing this period …

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Hello! Finally I finished the most voluminous version in the history of the game. This update went far beyond 1 GB, which for me is quite a lot. But let’s start in order.

The main story of this version lies in the relationship of the main character and his mother. Under what circumstances they were on this island, where all dreams come true, you will find out for yourself. But I went further and decided to diversify the plot. You will have freedom of choice. You can concentrate on the storyline of your mom or do your own thing. The blessing on the island is still full of beautiful and depraved maidens, as well as some old acquaintances … and there will be no new lights

This update adds easy time management. Therefore, you should try to do everything before you go home. To do this, you have 7 days at your disposal. How to spend it? You decide!

You are waiting for 7 or 11 full days with her. In each of the days there will be several events in which you will have to make decisions. The passage of the story will depend on you, but there is only one sure way. (PSS, the quest itself begins at 10:00 with his father in the office)

A whole story with a longtime friend of your mother … and her son …

And also with the daughter of Elvira … and the brother of this daughter

You will have the opportunity to talk with Anton’s daughter … since you are already familiar with your wife …

But do not forget about the inhabitants and guests of the island! With them is available more than 43 fascinating mini stories!

Total number of game files in this update: 1214

About the rest of the technical stuff, I will not write, still no one is interested

As before, I remind you – SAVE EVERYONE in the game. The problem though has become less significant, but still it can spoil the impression of the game. A detailed passage will be published as always, in a couple of days. Also, if you find bugs then post here or on the forum, everything will be fixed promptly!

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