Nergalsnest – Urban Demons [Version] (2018) [RPGM] Update

After the accident, the little boy woke up in the hospital and suddenly found himself attracted to all the female individuals older than himself.

The game is a remake of an abandoned Urban xLife, but it has not yet implemented a branch for the senior pupil. Although the game files already have several locations.

Take control of 2 characters, one male, one female, one who has near death experiences in this rpg maker game. However, it was not much of a sinister. Now with seemingly new powers, they set out to meet their goals of domination. For the male simple domination of the women he lusts over, but for the female domination over her surroundings and eventually revenge upon the bitch who put her in this situation.

Bug fix separately

– fixed dizzy bug where you couldn’t get her final scene

– fixed a potential issue where you could get Dizzy’s progression above 5

– fixed an issue where you couldn’t take the camera back from Ms Amos camera position

– You can now finally invite Brigette and Sydney to the comic book event

– Corrected the journal entry for Mrs J Address

– Created an icon showing video camera locations instead of the red circle

– fixed the somebodysetupusthebomb cheatcode to actually work

– Corrected the journal system if you’re following the BM route for Sarah

– fixed an issue where the first time with Lisa at her home while watching her doesn’t play

– Removed an issue with Ms Amos, if you do her kitchen fuck at level 5 your level with would increase

– Removed the call to make Kimberly Level 6 as well from the morning fuck

– I’ve created a piece of code that will resolve that for all characters, resetting their level to 5 if above 5

– Fixed the level 5 undertable BJ for Brigette

– Fixed repeat Fred event with Sarah

– If you use the "idontplaygames" cheat code, all characters appear now instead of having to meet them

– Fixed a bug where game would crash if level 4 & above and try to watch TV with Alison

– fixed a bug where Lisa wouldn’t re-appear after the double bj at level 5

– fixed the BG for Lisa’s scene from being huge

– Fixed Sydney BM shower reply

– Fixed a bug where if you had the Mrs Jennings – Tease pick, it stopped you uploading images to PayMeOn

– For now, the Mrs Jennings – Tease pic won’t be available to upload, but it should work again

– The Principal yelling event will no longer play if the player is above Level 2 with Mrs Jennings, stopping some freezes from happening

– Fixed a load of scenes with missing the PayMeOn overlay

– Fixed an issue where Kimbelry would sometimes disappear at level 1

– If this happens to you, try going to the park entrance first, then back to where Kimberly normally is

*Removed files unintentionally left in from editing

*Bug fixes for babysitting and gallery

*Fan art gallery now has 102 images instead of previous 49

*All test and memory room only scenes should be labelled as such

*New Raven BJ scene in Test and Memory Room

0.9-demo.2 bug fixes:

* Moved Starting location to correct place

* Mrs Jennings now shouts that older characters SHOULDN’T BE INTERACTED WITH

* Mrs Jennings now gives the demon powers at the start (instead of the hexagram)

* Mrs Jennings Pre Level 3 dialogue at the bar no longer breaks the game

* Mrs Jennings can now be asked “What do you like to do?” giving you hints on where to look for her during the week

* Fixed a bug where if the first HJ attempt fails (didn’t have all dialogue on non-quick progress mode, or failed the mini game) future attempts would fail

* If you are playing non-quick progression, you will no longer have to play the mini game if you haven’t unlocked all the dialogue. Instead it will fail before hand and warn you you need to unlock more.

* Fixed a bug where the persuade mini game would sometimes crash due to going from 10 or above to below 10.

* Can no longer take Mrs Jennings causing some players to get stuck

* If interacting with Mrs Jennings at night while she sleeps, she will respond properly (unlikely as key has been removed)

* Mr Jennings is no longer too drunk that he calls you “n[1]” in the bar

* Game no longer freezes at comic book store with a progression level of 4

* Peter no longer has a brain fart and says “Hi [Own Character name]!” when speaking to Mrs Jennings in the store

* HJ build up no longer fires mini game (check) twice if failed the first time

* Reduced progression popup sounds

* Fixed the journal so it correctly displays non-quick progression dialogue requirement

* BM route now does not get blocked when playing on Long Progression

* Fixed the weird transition around the TF and detention work

* Added a dialogue selector in the debug area. Can play any dialogue, at any level, in any variant – this will form the pre-cursor of the new memory room

* Loads of bug fixes (too many to list)

Also because I realised I hadn’t officially stated before, here is a check list of everything to do in 0.9:


* Gym outfit

* Changing in changing rooms

* HJ

* TF

* BJ

* Store TF

* School Toilet Ride/ Storeroom Fuck

* Park Toilet Ride / Outside Fuck

* Bar Toilet Ride * Mrs Jennings Home BJ

* Mrs Jennings Home Fuck

* Sex Ed Fuck

* Mrs Jennings Cosplay Coding/Graphical

* New Journal System

* New Progression UI/System

* New persuade mini game

* New Investment System (comic book currently only)

* New Text Message System (code change only)

* New Animation Player (code change only)

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