Nverjos The Coceter Chronicles Version 0.9

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Censorship: None

Platform: PC / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10

Language Game :English

Version .09, the end of Chapter 2.

This update is rather small in terms of the main story. There’s only two and half scenes as far as it is concerned. There is however 7 new scenes scattered throughout Chapter 2, plus Tabitha’s two Panty Scenes for those that get access to them.

*Note* The Panty scenes will require a new game be started, as they unlock as you play, the game will notify you when one unlocks.

And the Change Log:

Bug Fixes:

Aurora’s quest line now fails properly if you stayed at Shelly’s

Fixed Skipping the nude photo shoot from setting the wrong quest stage and not paying Tabitha

Fixed the nude photo shoot from setting the wrong quest stage

Many fixes to Calen’s scene that caused issues when going the Tabitha Only route.


Obedience and Attitude have been combined into one Attribute, Temperament.

Removed the Attribute Check for the Prince Begging

Removed a few Attribute checks, lowered all others.

Update Save Game has been moved to Story Options

Clear Scene function added to Story Options, will remove any pictures that stick on screen

Journal Backgrounds are now selectable from the Panty Collection Menu

Scene Replay is now available from the main menu, rather than the beds (it will still give Tabitha arousal)


(Patron) New Masturbation scenes available at Fae House in Vurand

(Patron Tier 3 or higher) Tabitha’s Panty Scenes have been added.

(Patron) New Journal Backgrounds (21 in Total)

2(almost 3) New Main Story scenes added

Daily Workout slides added (Must purchase workout clothes first)

Daily Reading slides added (Must collect a human world book first)

Animal Act Quest can now be finished

6 New optional Scenes added

2 New optional Conversations added

Tabitha can now purchase two new outfits (Dominatrix outfit and Gym Clothes)


Make sure to use the Update Save function if you use an ongoing game, otherwise Tabitha’s attributes will be all wonky and many scenes will not work. The game will recalculate her new Temperament and Sluttyness scores for you.

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