Rudeboyuk – Online Girl [v.1.0a8d] (2018) (Eng) [HTML]

In this game you will play a guy who is reconnecting with his female childhood friend.

You will be managing your horniness. Too horny and you can not concentrate on as many fun distractions.

You will also have other stats to build up to help you on your way such as Communication.


Added new SMS messages when the player spends a night in town rather than speaking to the online girl, after the players ‘kink’ has been established.

Clean up the SMS Chat 01 and added to girl stat boosts depending on player choices.


Added new SMS section to allow the girl to ask the player for information to tailor the content to the player.

Fixed a bug in the standard SMS display for if there are no reply options.


Updated the email code, and added unread message count to Bedroom screen.


Added some achievements to the new content


Added additional porn images

Started system for random SMS messages from office mates.


worked on further implimenting the image changes to help with testing


Started converting the program to allow local testing with images in place.


Added random SMS messages in the afternoons


Added Bar location to Downtown

Added Gym location to Downtown

Added Library location to Downtown


Introduced Downtown area


Adjusted Sessions system to be more reliant on the anger level of the girl rather than just fixed points. Chatting is easier then flirting and so on when she is angry.


Added work trips to the girls schedule to limit contact, but also open up fun SMS options.


Added introduction

Added Change Log


Initiated achievement system


Masturbation now reduceses Communication stat


Implimented the first stages of the hyopnotic path

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