SeGa – Invisible Sin [v.0.5] (2018) (Rus)

This story will be told, and in some places and shown, about how accidentally it was found

a magical artifact of the invisible.

And what opportunities, desires, problems and side effects have emerged from the owner of this magic.

Since ancient times, a man was looking for a way to disappear at his own will. Sometimes resorting to the most ridiculous ideas.

And in our,

modern time, this desire remains in demand to this day …

If you take the tales of different peoples, it was all much easier, as in any fairy tale … There was some,

magic item

and with his help anyone could disappear before our eyes, only by applying this object.

Whether it is a hat of an invisible or a cloak or

magic boots … But there was a side effect of these objects, like any other, magical thing.

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