Serio – Selena: One Hour Agent [Version 0.55.1] [Eng] Update

As the name implies it, it shows the adventures of a lady who has an agent working undercover and she has very little time to proceed. of short duration of the story.

– You can now change clothes at your wardrobe and exit your room if your Morality allows it.

– You can check your computer for information of your past cases (WIP)

– Moore sisters storyline continued (if you didn’t failed it)

– Three new small cases (Orange)

– New photoshoot

– Two "City perverts" added (One in the residential area and the other one in the park.)

– New Tools at the tool store

– New location "Mall area" (unlocked with the photoshoot or Cassandra’s quest)

– You can buy the clothes that you missed at the clothes store in the Mall Area.

– Bugs fixed:

Revisit Spa

Revisit Cementery

Tools not working

Access denied to mall area

Orange dialogs for the new case

Crash in second case

Can’t continue first case depending of your decisions.

Some minor bugs fixed in past cases.

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