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As the name implies, Simply Mindy stars Mindy, one of the bit characters from Soo Cubus. She has… moved on, I guess… and needs to find herself a job. You’ll need to guide her to a fresh new destiny, and watch her get fucked by weird things thousands of times in the process. Fun! The game plays similarly to Soo Cubus in that you need to build up your stats and are fighting a time limit, though there’s more complexity and strategy involved. Or there will be. Eventually. It’s a WIP.


Simply Mindy 2.1.0, Part One

Yep, here we are. As I should have anticipated setting up the third dungeon took a lot longer than I expected, ’cause setting up the first two dungeons also took a hella long time. As a result, alas, you’re only getting a partial serving of the full thing – though the partial serving is still fairly meaty.

Expect the following from the third, final dungeon in Simply Mindy:

– Six new random encounters, each with a sex animation, a secondary sex animation (the one of you who always asks about anal will like the second one), and a gropey-gropey animation. Yay. Each can be found at the brothel after you’ve killed five of a particular enemy.

– Three new bosses. I’d hoped to have six prepped, but setting up the quests took too long. The final three will make it into the second half of this build, releasing in a few days. Two of the bosses have all of their animations, and are in the brothel; one is partially incomplete, and isn’t in the brothel yet. (His quest works fine, tho. Knock on wood.)

– Four new quests, three of which lead to the bosses mentioned above. This dungeon is a bit more of a pathway (albeit a long one) to a singular destination, so finding the NPCs involved in the quests shouldn’t take too long. One is tied to another, though you don’t have to complete it to complete the other. Though it’ll help.

Note that one of these quests requires completing a previous quest in DirtFeast, the second dungeon. The NPC doesn’t show up unless you’ve done that quest. Think canines and you might know who I’m talkin’ about. So yes, if you can’t find it, that’s probably why.

– A few new items. Most of them were programmed in already and just needed to be implemented, though one is brand-spanking-new. I will probably continue to put more in in the future. (Still haven’t implemented a damned status ailment cure-all, for example. Spells are your go-to.)

Sections of the dungeon will probably seem a little empty. The upcoming stuff will fill in those gaps. As before, I’m also sticking in the occasional empty room so I have places to slot in NPC encounters and whatnot as future storylines come online. I’d also like to fancy it up a bit more (more furniture, maybe some additional particle effects, shit like that), but things of that nature can wait for now.

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