Storytellers – Selena’s Story – Version 0.6 Update

Selena, the protagonist of this game is a 24 years old graduaded woman from Amity University with journalist specialization. Selena was the best on the year and now after studying She’s ready to take things in her hands and start her carrier. She just lend a money from her crush and now She’s going to move in to rented home in one of the cities. In this city there is one of the biggest newspaper companies in all country – and thats also Selena’s goal – becoming the great journalist.

How will her road towards the top of carrier proceed? Will It all goes as she wishes? You can know it only by one way – check it by yourself!

1) New Maps: Airport, Airport Corridor, Locker Room, Gloryhole toilet

2) 19 scenes in total

3) 242 new CGS

4) 2 interviews

5) Savefixe V0.6

6) New Characters:

*Karen Palmer

*Emma Broke

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