Vegetasama – Gehenna: The Rise of Bhaal [v.0.3.0] (2018) (Eng) [RPGM]

Every 1000 years the Ruler of Gehenna has got the most painful blow from the "upper one". Lucifer, the King of Gehenna, finds a loophole, and choose to escape this fate, leaving the role of Ruler to Bhaal, his son. Since his power is not so big, in the day of the Judgment, Bhaal was able to get his life by becoming completely annihilated by the divine power. Helped by his sister Ullene, he will discover his father’s masterplan, and he will have to travel to the earth and find a way to escape his fate.

Main plot continues: The School test!

Added new NPC: female teacher

Added female teacher H scene

Added School Bathroom H Scene

Engine Upgrade. New quest triggering system

New Location added: Rylian and Seryon’s Room (Gehenna)

New Location added: Uxheia and Adena’s Room (Gehenna)

New Location added: Basement

Fixed game closing on H Scenes with Marie

Fixed game closing on H Scenes with Vala

Fixed time system (weekday advance)

Fixed minor bugs in game events

Added Vala help with study Segment

Now you will get a little $ tip if you help Vala during the day

Now you will be able to enter Marie’s Home at night while she’s sleeping

Fixed "0" bug for other than default language

Fixed Vala+John black screen

Fixed Gehenna crash bug

Fixed Crashes on Android

New engine injection, now taking item will popup what you took

Added New item: Marie’s home key

Added Marie night assault scene

Mapped Marie night assault scene to Scene gallery room

Now the game runs smoother

Added advance time option to debug menu

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