VengeanceXXX – Dancer and A lustrous Stage [Demo]

Hi guys, I worked on something simple that I think most of you can appreciate. It’s not a full-blown story of any kind, in fact it’s a prequel to something else that I had on my mind, but I had no time to actually make. I might make the actual story-line somewhere in the future, but no promises.​

Some of you might know me from my previous project, "Ethan’s legacy" or "Daryce" which went down after I realized it was emotionally unhealthy for me to continue.

I definitely did disappoint a lot of people and angered some, to which I completely understand and I truly apologize for what happened.

I still felt terrible about it.

Now things have been looking up for me, and I managed to find some time to make something I truly enjoy making.

This is what I’ve worked on for quite a while now. This small project had been a blast for me, and I wanted to share it with everyone.

This is a WILD departure from what I made before, and I ask you to enjoy this with an open mind.

Thanks again, and I hope that everyone can have a good day.

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