xRed Games – Lewd Island [Sanity 2] Update

After a plane crash you and your daughter find yourselves on an abandoned island.

It’s a BIG UPDATE to the game.

Most of the renders are new, and the story got a big improvement, with lot more lewdness in the dialogues.

The reason I did this was to get the whole quality of the game, specially the first couple of days on a higher level. This improvement should be especially visible to the Android players, with a better optimization and lighter objects used in the game.

It includes more than 150 new images, new sounds and improved animations quality (most animations were re-rendered). As mentioned yesterday in the post, the whole dialogue was reviewed and a lot of it was changed, to make it “more appropriate” for the game, so feel free to check it out! I recommend to watch out for the Sanity bar, because there are some tricks and traps in the story which could drain it quickly.

I will continue with the day 6 of the game in the following release. You will need your Sanity to be on a certain level to active some actions, but I’ll let you know more about it on the next release.

142 new images

New “Fishing quiz” with lots of options



Sound volume could be high so watch out for your ears

162 new images

6 NEW animations

New “quiz” with lot’s of options.

Use the laptop. Maybe you can find out something there 🙂

As requested by some members, I’ve added some sounds in the game so you should be able to hear waves in the menus and while you play the game.

318 new images

2 new animation

New quiz concept

Will help arrive?

Were there other survivors?

What will happen?

You play and YOU decide!

155 new renders

2 new animations

no flammable materials

205 new images

1 new animation

GUI improvements

Total version size reduction

New font

New transitions

And a small million of other improvements

If you notice any bugs, please let me know

128 new images


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