Yoyomikogames – Beaver Falls [v.0.2] (2018) (Eng)

Beaver Falls is an interactive adult video game currently in the early stages of development. We are Yoyo and Miko, a husband and wife team creating this adult game in our spare time. We are aiming to create a dynamic town full of captivating and believable characters. As you explore the town, you’ll learn more about your neighbors and the many sexy surprises they may have in store for you.

Plans for the game

What are your plans for the game?

We want to offer you the perfect mix of enthralling story, charming lovable characters, and graphic fully animated H-scenes that will fulfill your wildest fantasies. This will all be within the setting of a small, close-knit little mountain town.

Ultimately we are planning for the Beaver Falls to include at least 30+ locations to visit, and 30+ characters that you will be able to interact with. We want this game to fall in love with each other. There are many storylines, but nothing about this game is linear. You will be able to play the game.

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